Twitter posts are short, just 280 characters, including links and images.

Twitter should be used to broadcast information or listen to conversations relevant to you. Twitter users rely on the platform to find resources about topics that are relevant to them. In the beginning, we believe that LinkedIn and Facebook should be a higher priority for you.

In addition to creating content for Twitter, we recommend completing the following tasks to optimize the channel:

  • Keep branding consistent with the website and other social media channels (We can help there as needed)
  • Include industry specific keywords in the bio section so that the page can be found when keywords are searched
    • #LeadershipConsulting
    • #BusinessConsulting
    • #ProcessConsulting
    • #LeadershipDevelopment
    • #LeadershipCoaching
  • Connect with as many influencers as possible, starting by finding influencers that you’re familiar with, and looking at the users they follow
  • Use relevant keywords in content.
    • #LeadershipConsulting
    • #BusinessConsulting
    • #ProcessConsulting
    • #LeadershipDevelopment
    • #LeadershipCoaching
    • #Leadership
    • #SuccessionPlanning
    • #ManagementStyle
    • #LeadershipStyle
    • #CompanyCulture
    • #AcceleratingChange
    • #CompanyAlignment
    • #LeadershipAlignment
    • #BeTheChange
    • #Acquisition
    • #LeadershipPosition
    • #LeadershipTypes
    • #ChiefExecutive
    • #Hiring
    • #ManagementPosition
    • #NewManagement
    • #TransitionPlan

Twitter should be used to promote your services and share information from other relevant sources. A large part of your Twitter strategy should be building an audience that is interested in your services and the impact you have on your clients. It’s also an excellent tool to share information that you create to be a resource to people in your industry.

One way to accomplish this goal is with a Twitter strategy for conferences and trade shows. It will be important to use and monitor conference and company hashtags to engage with conference goers and industry thought leaders. Sharing tweets, in real-time, relating to the conference and the given hashtag, posting original tweets about the conference with appropriate hashtags, and retweeting industry thought leaders in attendance will help position Brimstone Consulting Group as an industry expert. This is also an opportunity for members of your team to tweet from the conference and be retweeted by you to become thought leaders. Even if you do not plan to attend a tradeshow or conference, if your audience will be paying attention to it, you should follow it as well.

Example: Our founder and CEO Shannon Kinney tweeted from the 2018 Local Online Advertising Conference. We retweeted to show our audience that we are actively involved in our industry and are a thought leader.

Adding relevant hashtags to all Twitter posts will mean that post is much more likely to be seen by users interested in Brimstone Consulting and your services. More views can lead to higher engagement and more brand awareness. Tools like and RiteTag help you find relevant hashtags for your audience as well as hashtags that are currently trending and doing well on Twitter.

Live Tweet Chats

When you begin using Twitter, this will be a lower priority for you in the beginning, but as you gain more of a following, become comfortable with Twitter and have the time, we recommend looking into live tweet chats in the future. These chats are moderated by one Twitter account, possibly in partnership with another handle, and they bring together like-minded businesses, organizations and individuals to discuss relevant topics. Users follow the conversation by using a custom hashtag. One example of an active Tweet Chat is the weekly #PPCChat  hosted by Matthew Umbro and various guest moderators. Below is one of the questions asked followed by an answer.

In addition to connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations, Tweet Chats are an effective way to grow a Twitter following. While interacting with chat participants, you should follow as many users as possible. In turn, the majority of these users will follow Brimstone Consulting Group back. Because of the Tweet Chats, these users already know that you share a common interest and that you are knowledgeable based on your participation in the chat. The more followers you can attract, the more users will see promotional content when posted in the future.

We see Tweet Chats being an excellent opportunity for Brimstone Consulting to gain new followers and build a network of industry professionals and potential clients. However, this particular tactic is low on the list of priorities. If you have any active Twitter users within your organization, they can begin interacting in established Tweet Chats on their own. This Twitter Chat Schedule has a robust, searchable list of chats, chat times, and chat hosts.

Twitter Outreach

When relevant articles, resources or insights are found in the Twitter feed, you should retweet them. Retweeting is a form of outreach marketing on Twitter. When you retweet content posted by another user, that user is alerted of the action. This helps forge connections with other Twitter users, bring your organization to their attention, and provides your followers with useful information.

Example: Vistage Worldwide retweeted this post because it was relevant to its audience.

For a Twitter outreach strategy to be successful, you need to first connect with as many relevant Twitter pages as possible. These users will create your Twitter network. The goal in connecting with these users is to create a net that collects local event news, industry resources and conversations about the needs and practices of your industry.