Instagram is a visually driven social media site that allows users to share images of people, things, places or activities that they are passionate about.

With Instagram, you can give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your business and the products that you offer. Including images of events you attend, your company’s team members, and behind-the-scenes activities will allow us to show the personal side of your business. It’s also important that you use lifestyle photography of your products being used by your different audiences to show that what you sell is truly a universal product.

When links are posted in Instagram posts, they don’t appear as live links. That means that if you want someone to go to a link, you have to direct them to your Instagram bio, which allows space for one link. To get around this and be able to give users direct links to multiple places like your website and other social channels, you can set up a Linktree account. This allows you to post the one linktree link in your bio, which then redirects the user to a page of multiple links.


To optimize your Instagram account and posts, use hashtags in your content to make sure your audience finds your posts. You can also share posts that have been tagged by users of your product, including any influencers you may work with.