Facebook Optimization

With a well-optimized and populated Facebook page, you have the power to reach your specific target audiences with content tailored to their specific needs and interests.

The content you create should entice readers and position you as a trusted business with a special product that solves problems for the user.

Before you even start creating content, make sure your Facebook page is optimized by completing the steps below.

  • Set a cover photo
  • Set a profile image.
  • Complete business and contact information.
  • Choose a call-to-action button for your page.

Cover Photo

Choose a visually interesting cover photo that represents your business, like a photo of your location, your products, or your services. The optimal Facebook cover photo size is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels high.

Profile Image

This image should be something that easily identifies your business, like your logo or signature product. The optimal Facebook profile image size is 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels high. Facebook is going to crop your image into a circle, so make sure nothing is cut off.

Business & Contact Information

This includes filling out the short description and company overview. Your company overview should include your business’s history, your mission statement, and anything that sets you apart from competitors. If you have other social media channels, link to them.

Call To Action Button

The button you choose on Facebook should represent the action that you most want visitors to your page to take.

  • Book With You

    Use the Book Now button if you want to direct users to your online scheduling tool to book an appointment or make a reservation.

  • Contact You

    If you want users to contact you, there are multiple button options available. You can direct users to send you a message through Facebook Messenger, email you, sign up for your newsletter or email list, call you, or contact you through WhatsApp.

  • Learn More About Your Business

    This option allows you to direct users to your website or another resource that will give them information about your business. You can also choose to direct users to a video about your business.

  • Shop With You

    If you want to direct users to your e-commerce website, you can choose from the options Shop Now, See Offers, Buy Gift Card, and Order Food.

  • Download Your App

    With this option, you can choose to direct users to use your app or play your game.

Social media is all about perception, so once your Facebook page is optimized and looks official, users are much more likely to interact with and trust your business.